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Benefits of having a House Sitter

for your pets

A housesitter living in your house is the best way to cause less stress to your pets while you travel.
Animals are creatures of habit who quickly get stressed by changes in daily routine, changes in diet or living in an unfamiliar environment.
As experienced housesitters, especially as full-time international housesitters, we have all the experience needed to care for your home and pets exactly as you Would want.

for your home

If you are a homeowner, having a house sitter to occupy your house on a daily basis is the best step you can take for security, as well as the peace of mind knowing your house and property are cared for.
Someone is also around to handle day to day operations cleaning, mailing, maintenance or emergency issues that may arise. Alarms go off, power goes out, water leaks. Better to have someone at home to handle these things rather than come home to a total disaster.



Caro and Javier cared for my home and cat in Costa Rica for almost three months. They were reliable and very diligent about keeping me informed of things that needed attention in my absence. My house and plants were in great condition when I returned and my cat was also in great condition. I think she misses them. I highly recommend this couple to house sit. They are professionals!
Lynn Chapman

Diamante Valley, Costa Rica

Thanks Caroline and Javier, it was awesome having you in our house while we were away.  The cat enjoyed himself, the neighbours were happy and the place was well cared for.  We were super stoked to arrive back to a tidy house and a nice note that allowed us to feel that you really enjoyed our place.  We highly recommend this couple to anyone wanting security and pets maintained while your away.
Blake and Rach
Blake and Rach

Paihia, New Zealand

Hi Caro & Javi
Just got home to a happy Nico and a lovely clean home. Thank you so much for your care. I hope you enjoyed the island and once again thank you.
Yours sincerely, Naomi Ravkin
Naomi R

Magnetic Island, Australia

I can recommend this two lovely people. They took great care of our house.
Nicky Prescott

Paihia, New Zealand

Carolina and Javier looked after our property and dogs for two months. When we got back, the dogs appeared happy, healthy and relaxed. A big effort had been made to leave the house as clean and tidy as they had found it upon their arrival. Many thanks to both of you, Carolina and Javier! We hope you will be available again in the near future.
Liesbeth & Victor

Thassos, Greece

Kiddo has a blast with you! We came back home from our vacations to a happy dog and a clean house. Thanks for taking such good care of both! I’m really happy you enjoyed your stay in Geneva but most importantly, how sweet and caring were you with our little furry girl. I hope you come back some that or that we meet somewhere else in the world.
Sara Luna

Geneve, Switzerland

You will Never find anyone who would take better care of your dog or cat while you are away. Carol and Javi are sweet, responsible and most important – true animal lovers!
We rarely leave our 8 year old Rohdisian Ridgeback alone as we are deeply connected and she is lost if we are away yet when we came back home after 4 weeks away we found Mila in great shape, healthy and most important – happy and contact as she was taken care of and loved in the best way possible.
If you love your dog as much as we do and find it hard to be away from her you can relax and rest assure she is in the best hands possible with these professional and kind hearted people.
We received daily updates and photos of Mila which enabled us to be relaxed and not worry about her. I highly recommend these guys! If I trust them with my dog then so can you.
Daniel & Hagit

Nosara, Costa Rica

Carolina and Javier looked after our house and pets for five days.  We returned home to a very clean and tidy house and our pets were well cared for.  Carolina and Javier are a great couple who I can highly recommend if anyone is looking for a house sitter.
Kevin & Gaylene Milne

Ohaeawai, New Zealand

Hey Coral, hopefully you guys made it safely to Townsville. Just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for staying and looking after our animals and house. They’re all happy and looking good, and the house was clean and tidy. It takes all the stress away of coming home and catching up on jobs to do so thank you so much for looking after our house so well – we really appreciate it! We’re happy to be references if you need or write a review – just let me know! Have a good rest of your trip
Kristy & Dean Fitzpatrick

Mackay, Australia

Javier and Carolina, We can not thank you enough for the wonderful care you took of our 2 cats, Moon & Yoon, I have already recommended you to our friends. It was wonderful to come home to two happy cats and a clean house. Happy journeys
Greg and Nancy Cross

Montevideo, Uruguay

Carolina and Javier recently stayed at our home in Andorra and watched our dog Leon for 3 weeks.

It was the first time we had to leave our boy in 4 years so we were worried how he we would cope with us being away but he loved them from the time he met them and it didn’t look like he missed us at all 😄

They took amazing care of our boy and our home and I highly recommend them and hope to use their services again in the future.

Diane Stratton

Ordino, Andorra

Carolina and Javier were the pawfect house and dog sitters. The first night they arrived, Colleen and Daisy curled up beside them on the sofa. All the doubts went out of my head when I saw how they reacted with my dogs. This was the first time I had left my four fur babies for 10 weeks. Every day I got photos or a video of them all on their daily walks. My dogs looked so happy. When we got back the dogs all looked so well and house was also clean. Because of Covid-19 we then had the pleasure of Hosting Carolina Javier for an extra couple of days as their house sits were cancelled and they had to try to get back home to Argentina. I highly recommend them and your house, dogs and car will be in good hands.
Janey O'Neill

Lagos, Portugal

House sitting number 24

Lagos, Portugal

We left the Croatian Winter (5'c) to arrive at the algarve Winter (20'c). Yes, we were extremely happy about that. This weather allowed us to enjoy outdoor activities as long walks with our new 4 furry friends and beautiful afternoons at the beach.

The home owners made us feel very welcome and at home, they left firewood for us to stay warm, the car to get around and explore, they planted the vegetable garden for us, and we even had a day off per week, when a dog walker would take the dogs for their daily walk.

Here we met Collen, the lady of the house, Daisy the teenager, Marley the sweetest & Echo, the big boy. We arrived at Lagos, Portugal on January 2020, a new beautiful home for 2 months. Portugal has great, narrow streets, simple people, alternative ways of living, amazing beaches & landscapes. Lovely weather & yummy fruits. The algarve area is a dream for nature lovers, we are so grateful about experiencing this season in such an incredible place on earth.

House sitting number 23

Mimice, Croatia

We left Thassos Island to move to Mimice, a small coastal village near Split.
Having the opportunity to live in Croatia was awesome to us.
It will make our trip more meaningful, because Javi's ancestors are Croatian.
We arrived in October, and the summer season was over, so we were few in town.
The view that the house gave us was privileged and clearly within the home we had everything we needed HARRY & EDDIE.
We became Father and Mother in a second, we had 2 babies to take care of that they stole our hearts immediately.
Harry was 8 months old and Eddie 2 approximately, it was hard to say goodbye to them, we still miss them.
But we keep learning to love from a distance!

House sitting number 22

Thassos Island, Northern Greece.

We received an email that seemed unreal, taking care of a 200-year-old stone house and 2 dogs, on a Greek Island for 2 months.
This experience exceeded our expectations and that was a good sign.
We let ourselves be guided by the adventure and after a few days of conversation we purchased the tickets to our new destination.
We left Switzerland to arrive at Thassos Island, Northern Greece.
A new home awaited us and 2 great friends! Teddy and Sonja.
I will resume Greece in these Words: Purity, heavenly olives, tranquillity, sun, joy, exercise, difficult language, friendship, love and Pure life!

House sitting number 21

Geneve, Switzerland

We left the German-Suisse area to arrive at the French-Suisse.
Kiddo was waiting for us, a beautiful pug full of love and happiness. She made us laugh a lot, was really sweet, gentle, friendly with a special personality! We love you Kiddo!
Geneve is a mix of cultures, surrounded by nature and a huge lake in the middle of the city.
We found free city bikes to ride every day, a clear lake to swim, vegan Ice cream and an incredible Botanic Garden, we can say the best we saw in our life!
We had a great time in Geneva, more than grateful about experiencing those moments together!

House sitting number 20

Bubendorf, Switzerland

It was hard to say goodbye to Charlie, we were a great team together. Being a house sitter has this situation, so we always practice living the moment. We know that we have a certain amount of time, and then we must continue, so we enjoy as much as we can, and then everything is fine, our adventure continues.
Bubendorf, a small Swiss village near Basel.
We arrived at this house next to a beautiful forest. We met Polly, an old lady Border collie, who needed lots of attention and love. We shared with her 3 weeks, she couldn't see clearly or run fast, but she was completely comfortable with us.
When the home owners returned she wasn't sure who to follow!! Sweet Polly.

House sitting number 19

Basel, Switzerland

We left Andorra to travel to Switzerland.
We received the proposal to take care of a beautiful rescued dog called, Charlie. She lives in Basel, an amazing place full of Art and good vibes. We had a great great time there, lots of time riding our bicycles, swimming in the Rhine, and enjoying walking with Charlie in the Forest.
We felt so loved here! Felecia, the homeowner of this lovely place shared with us her special energy, full of colour, art and happiness!
We were so grateful about living there for 3 weeks, we left Basel full of enthusiasm and love.

House sitting number 18

Ordino, Andorra

Our plans in Uruguay were not working out as we expected, on top of that we had a series of unfortunate events that did not help. we began to re-ask everything from another angle, and the answers indicated that we had to take a step back, and start again.
It was not easy after so much effort trying to find a piece of land where to settle down and start our permaculture dream, but the message was clear.
So we decided to start from scratch.
Our goal was to have time to think, rest and feel loved.
Before we left Uruguay we met a beautiful couple from Brazil, @jardimdomundo who brought us an Idea, House sitting in Europe.
and there we put all our energy and Intention, without knowing if it was going to work or how, we threw ourselves into the idea.
Our first House sitting on this side of the map, was in Andorra, a beautiful family offered to take care of Leon, a staffy full of love, energy and very well trained. He was so excited showing us the forest and their favourite spots.
We shared with him 3 weeks, in his paradisiacal principality.
Andorra is purity, a special place, a medieval mix full of athletes and nature lovers.
Beautiful to start this cycle in a pure place, filling our hearts with hope.
We were more than grateful for this opportunity, thank you @Diane Stratton!

House sitting number 17

Montevideo, Uruguay

We received a message from a lovely North American Couple. They had 2 Cats full of love in Montevideo needing House sitters.
We travelled from Rocha to Montevideo in Our Van. Exploring every town and Beach in Uruguay. A perfect plan for a couple looking for their place in a new country.
Just a day before getting to the assignment we got robbed by 2 guys in a motorcycle. They took all the money that we had to travel for 4 months and my Nikon Camera.
We were in shock, nothing to do, just try to feel safe and loved.
The cats warmed up our hearts, giving us as much love they could offer.

House sitting number 16

Sierras de Rocha, Uruguay.

We arrived in ‘La Morada’ in December, we received the opportunity to take care of this lovely property for 3 weeks, here we met Ciro, a sweet Border Collie.
This place is a treasure, where you can enjoy forest bathing, surrounded by nature and silence.
Next to the house our lovely Friend Manuela, has an avocado tree, which can feed a few families. We were more than grateful about this abundance, a beautiful surprise.
We had a great moment here, sharing with nearby communities and enjoying being connected with this sacred part of Uruguay!

House sitting number 15

Cannonvale, Australia.

Here we took care of Chock, a sweet dog who loves swimming and playing with golf balls and his beautiful home in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood.
Before leaving Australia, we decided to spend a day at the coral sea. We had the opportunity to swim near corals and see another dimension of life.
It was a special moment, no more noise, no more thoughts, just observing this fragile and colourful world.

House sitting number 14

Magnetic Island, Australia.

This house sitting was a miracle, from the beginning we had the idea to travel to this beautiful and magnetic Island, but we were afraid of the cost of staying there.
So we offered house sitting, just to feel that at least we tried. But that was the best idea.
We received a proposal of taking care of a house and a puppy on the island for 2 weeks.
That was more than what we expected to live in this heaven.
Magnetic Island is Pura vida, a land full of life & a mysterious magnetism.
That house sitting taught us to always try, doesn’t matter how big the idea is!!

House sitting number 13

Mackay, Australia

After 7 months living in Byron Bay, we left our lovely town to discover northern Australia.
Following the summer, we traveled around 1500km up north, and we found it. Long & beautiful days.
We stopped in Mackay, to live there for 3 weeks. It was great to meet Arlo, Micka & Max.
We really enjoyed living in a quiet, not touristic place, surrounded by beautiful beaches, sunsets and different spots where to go for a walk or just share with local people.

House sitting number 12

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

We read and heard so many good things about Costa Rica, so we needed to see it on our own.
We traveled around Costa Rica for three months,
We experienced the feeling of living in a tropical country, full of fruits, coconut water, mountains, ocean, birds, monkeys, flowers, papayas and Pura Vida. The nature in her maximum expression.
Pura vida is a mantra, Costa Ricans (Ticos) use this term to say hello, to say goodbye, to say everything’s great, to say everything’s cool. However, it is not the words that reflect the true meaning of ¡Pura Vida!. Pura Vida is the way Ticos live. Not surprisingly, Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries in the world, mostly because its inhabitants don’t stress about things the way most foreigners do. Ticos have a very relaxed, simple way of looking at life. No worries, no fuss, no stress—pura vida to them means being thankful for what they have and not dwelling on the negative.
We love this lifestyle, stress free, beach vibes, don't need too much clothes, that's why we adopted Pura Vida House Sitting as our brand name, because it makes us feel closer to our paradise.
Here we worked as photographer, web designer, waitress in a vegan detox Yoga retreat and before leaving we took care of a beautiful house & two lovely and shy cats in Manuel Antonio next to the National Park.

House sitting number 11

Motueka, New Zealand.

The house in the forest!
After working hard for the whole summer season, we needed to come back to our peace and inner timings. So we left our lovely north Island to travel south. We wanted to explore every corner of this beautiful country, because we knew that New Zealand is a treasure on this planet, full of life and good people, calm and secure.
We found a house sitting opportunity in Motueka, a very special place where we felt really comfortable and happy. We had the responsibility to take care of Maxi, but we called him Messi, because it was cool. He loves it.
The winter was coming so, a house was our paradise, we could enjoy the day outside but when the cold temperatures arise, we would light the fireplace, and bake the most yummy vegan brownies, read good books, or just contemplate this beautiful moment.
We shared with the homeowners just one day, and We can still feel their good hearts. Simple people living together in the forest, being part of this landscape, being part of a dream.

House sitting number 10

Paihia, New Zealand.

Our Last housesitting in the Bay of Islands.
Nicky & Wayne, the home owners of our house sitting number 5, asked us to take care of their new home in Paihia, it was a great gift, we really felt very grateful for this opportunity, 1 month in the place that we had chosen to stay the whole summer season, incredible proposal, A beautiful place entirely for ourselves with three sweet cats, we enjoyed this moment a lot.
An awesome summer full of good vibes, to make us understand how important it is to use our time having fun, connecting with the ocean, getting our bodies in action, believing in our potential, sharing with local people, and creating an awesome team!

House sitting number 9

Keri Keri, New Zealand.

We received the notification that Our Working Holiday visas were approved, 1 year permit that allowed us to work and live in New Zealand, so we decided to stop doing house sitting out of the Bay of Island, because we had to focus our time to work for the whole summer season.
This house sitting was a short term house sitting, after here we moved to Paihia, the town where we found great jobs.
A new beginning for us…


House sitting number 8

Keri Keri, New Zealand.

We received a call from the home-owners of our house sitting number 2, they invited us again to take care of their land, for a short term house sitting, we were happy about that, because that means they were happy with our service.
We enjoyed sharing again with our pet friends & the warm weather in a beautiful house in the countryside.


House sitting number 7

Ohaeawai, New Zealand.

We received a house sitting assignment for 5 days in a very old and small town, near the Bay of Islands. It was really fun to stay there, they had a river crossing the neighborhood.
so we accepted this proposal with curiosity to explore this not so easy to pronounce place, really we don't know exactly how to pronounce it.


House sitting number 6

Haruru Falls, New Zealand.

Haruru Falls, the house next to a waterfall.
This house was a dream, the homeowner was an interior designer, so every little object and its position was carefully chosen.
lost of colours but in harmony, antique stuff restored in a beautiful way. The energy in this place was flowing, dancing, light and bright.
It was amazing for us to live there, we learned how important it is to have a clean, tidy and beautiful home, full of love and intention, because that can modify your own energy, can make you feel good or not.
The house was 20 meters from a natural waterfall, so also the location was a paradise. We are extremely grateful for this house sitting.
In this home we met Otis, a new cat friend that of course was living his best life. very easy going guy who loves company and enjoys the sun.
When I write this, I can remember the fresh air of this house, how special it was to sleep there, share and be a part of this artwork.


House sitting number 5

Paihia, New Zealand.

Welcome back to the bay of islands, this time we were invited to take care of a beautiful house in Paihia, we had a big window with the most incredible view, our first day we just sat down all day to see this lovely spectacle.
3 sweet cats Jethro, Bella and Tabitha. That was just the beginning of our friendship.
In March, 2015 we took a flight to New Zealand, tired of applying from Argentina for the working holiday visa for 3 consecutive years. But it wasn't easy to survive in such an expensive country.
In this house sitting we applied for our working Holiday Visa to stay 1 more year in New Zealand and have the right to work.
Whoever was in this situation before knows how horrible this moment is, visas are gone in minutes, so for us after 3 years and 7 months waiting for this day was a big moment.
The destiny said Yes, in 5 minutes we get our visas. I can't describe how many emotions we felt in this experience.


House sitting number 4

Peria, New Zealand.

We left Kerikeri to travel far north, a house in the forest, called Magic Land!
Definitely was a magic land, full of life, a river flowing in front of the house, beautiful bird songs every day, a warm home in the subtropical forest.
We tried the most yummy organic golden kiwi fruit there, that changed our life.
We were invited to 2 beautiful events, first to a Maori Ceremony, a healing and Celebration day, they opened a Maori healing Centre, where people can access to receive traditional techniques and natural medicines for their wellbeing.
This event wasn't public but our lovely friend asked for special permission for us.
Beautiful Maori songs, and real contact with the community.
Second invitation was to volunteer at a Vegan restaurant that works with sacred economy, the most yummy vegan food ever.
The Sacred economy is long to explain, but just to resume, here the guest pay what they think that this moment is worth, they leave the money in a box and nobody knows how much they paid for their dish and service.
Trust and respect.
We took care of a beautiful and rescued dog, who eats only organic food, and we helped him with his skin treatment, that needed coconut oil.


House sitting number 3

Keri Keri, New Zealand.

From Keri Keri Hinterland to town! An artistic house next to the river and a beautiful park, with falls and mystical maori spots!
This was our first long term HS. So great quality time to immerse in a deep healing moment, great vegan food, no time, no days, just a warm house and our lovely friends, Girly and billy.


House sitting number 2

Keri keri hinterland, New Zealand.

After our first experience, we spread the voice about our service in the Bay of Islands. We were lucky, 2 more proposals with perfect timing.
We were in the right place at the right time!
We arrived in this lovely land, 25 hectares.
Perfect dark skies at night and silence!
2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 horse + Pony and Chickens.
Both home owners provided us a car because they lived in remote areas, so it was amazing to find trusting families!
We learned how to make sushi here and the feeling of living far away from neighbours!!


House sitting number 1

Keri Keri hinterland, New Zealand.


We arrived at this amazing wood house in the middle of the countryside, to take care of 2 cats and 2 goats.

but we always find more, they had orange, lemon and macadamia trees on the land, so we were the happiest version of ourselves.

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Interacting with and loving animals in their homes, where they feel most comfortable, is such an awesome responsibility and pleasure.



We take care of your pets while you’re away ensures pets are kept happier, healthier and safer in their home environment with their normal diet and routine uninterrupted.


We will pick up the mail and water your plants for you, keeping your home and garden looking fresh for your return.


We could provide peace of mind for a homeowner by providing regular feedback along with photographs and updates of pets and home.
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We are a happy couple of creatives, digital nomads from Argentina who love nature, travel, and sampling all kinds of delicious vegetarian food. We love animals but unfortunately our travelling lifestyle doesn’t permit for one of our own. We also love to garden especially tending to veggie patches! So any opportunity to house sit gives us the chance to do all three things we love- Travel, animals, nature. We decided to create our own lifestyle, which allows us to feel at home no matter where we are. That’s why in 2015 we became International house sitters, House sitting is a big responsibility, which needs to be done with professionalism. We are organised and mature, this makes us fit for this job. Pets for us are a gift on this earth, they show us the important things, and transform our lives. Full of love and gratitude. We adapt to the animals needs and all the past pet’s owners agreed that they found their animals really well, relaxed and happy when we took care of their pets. We will treat your place and your animals with the exact same love and care that we hope ours are getting while we’re gone. We’ve fallen in love with adorable animals, beautiful views, and local food. We’re energetic and love to hike so we’d be a good fit for high energy animals but we’re also homebodies – so we’d be just as happy to hang out with a fluffy friend and a good book.

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